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eTakeoff with Bridge - Implementation and Training

eTakeoff with Bridge provides a live link between eTakeoff Dimension and Sage Estimating.

eTakeoff Dimension by itself is equally valuable for Excel estimates because it has the same ability as Sage Estimating to create Variables and write Formulas that work exactly like Sage Estimating.

Puckett Estimating Services purchased eTakeoff and Bridge immediately following the 2017 TUG National Users Conference in early May 2017. Because of eTakeoff Bridge and other features, it is the much preferred state-of-the-art graphical takeoff software to use going forward in our opinion. I have been using On-Screen Takeoff since 2003 and still prefer it for P&Id (Piping & Instrumentation diagrams).

We used On-Screen Takeoff extensively at both Fluor-Daniel and Dow Chemical; mostly for P&Id takeoff.

Subsequently, I have become an accomplished Sage + eTakeoff + Bridge developer. As far as I know, I am the only person doing significant non-commercial Concrete (caissons, equipment foundations, and water and wastewater treatment plant concrete), Process Piping (underground and above grade), and High Voltage Outdoor Electrical (Wind Energy 35 kV underground Collection Systems, and 138 kV to 345 kV Substations and T-lines) eTakeoff development.

eTakeoff Bridge is an innovative software product that integrates eTakeoff Dimension with Cost Estimating systems. Bridge is currently integrated with Sage Estimating 300. Bridge is a separate program that runs between eTakeoff Dimension and the Sage Estimating system. When Bridge is started, it captures all the item and assembly information from Sage Estimating and presents it within the Bridge Main window. In its simplest use, the estimator drags an individual measurement from the drawing in eTakeoff Dimension and drops it onto the appropriate estimating item or assembly listed in the Bridge Window.

Bridge then allows the estimator to "teach" it the proper relationship between the drawing measurement and the estimate item/assembly with a simple "drag & drop" mechanism, connecting the variables (length/sqft/etc) between them, at which point the result is sent to the estimating system. Once Bridge has been taught a specific relationship, or "assignment", between a drawing measurement and the correct item/assembly in estimating, it will recall the assignment every time that measurement & item/assembly are used again. Thus, as the estimator does more takeoff, Bridge becomes more "intelligent", ultimately enabling the estimator to automate as much of the integration as they wish.

Click on the "Sage Estimating SQL Assembly Takeoff" embedded Vimeo video below to watch a 5 minute 42 second long narrated example of Concrete Footings with a single Concrete Pier on each Footing designed to support heavy Structural Steel Columns for a multi-story building or industrial process tower. Click on Vimeo "full screen" icon in the video box below to watch full screen so you can see the video clearly.

Curtis Peltz (former Timberline President and CEO before Sage purchase and now eTakeoff CEO) and I have known each other for 33 years. I might be one of eTakeoff's top non-commercial construction user/developers. eTakeoff is as responsive to fixing discovered “issues” and requests for additional “features” as On-Screen Takeoff inventor/founder, Leonard Buzz was back in the early days of On-Screen Takeoff (2003 - 2006).