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My Services

Estimating Service

Our estimating related services include:

  1. Preparing estimates, check estimates and/or parts of an estimate such as:
    • Civil-structural
    • Underground piping
    • Exposed process piping
    • Process equipment installation
    • Process ventilation
    • Comfort ventilation
    • Special construction
    • Masonry
    • Architectural finishes
    • Instrumentation & controls
    • Wind energy underground collection systems
    • High voltage transmission lines
    • Electrical distribution and substations
  2. Estimating database development by a certified Timberline consultant
  3. Job cost coding and integration with estimating by a certified cost engineer
  4. Value engineering and comparitive estimates by a licensed professional engineer

Mr. Puckett has been using On-Screen Takeoff since 2003 and eTakeoff since May 2017, and is a well respected advocate and reference for both graphical takeoff software solutions.

Puckett Estimating Services specializes in:

  • Heavy Civil Dirt Work, Excavation Bracing, Sheet Piling including Cofferdamsl
  • Major Concrete Work including Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Structural Steel
  • Above and Below Grade Process Piping including piping estimates from P&Id's
  • Process Equipment Installation including Concrete and Steel Equipment Foundations
  • Wind Turbine Generator - Mechanical Erection
  • High Voltage Electrical - Overhead and Underground Transmission and Distribution Lines, Substations, and Solar and Wind Energy Underground Collection Systems

We frequently use eTakeoff Traces and Extensions on all of the above estimates to send Quantity Survey information to Excel or Sage Estimating or WinEstimator.

  • Traces are built to identify and quantify estimate Items
  • An Extension is built for each Trace - at a minimum each Extension will have one Variable to capture primary data (count, length, width, height, radius)
  • An Extension can include many Variables
  • A Variable can also be a Formula to calculate derived quantities such as Area and Volume
  • A Formula can include a "degree of difficulty" Variable

Database Development

1.) Convert your existing estimating database into a Sage (formerly Timberline) Estimating database.

2.) Build a Sage Estimating database from scratch using your existing estimating spreadsheets and historical job cost data.

3.) Customize a purchased Sage Estimating database to fit your work flow, historical productivity records and cost data.

4.) Intergrate eTakeoff (graphical quantity survey software) and eTakeoff Bridge with your Sage database.

DATABASE DEVELOPMENT: Lump Sum quotes based on definitive Scope of Work and quality and availability of historical labor productivity and cost data, location (your place or mine), number of scheduled progress review meetings, estimated duration of initial fact finding / scope definition / planning meeting(s).

Hour quotes are based on the magnitude of project and estimated duration in order to determine the lowest hourly rate fair to both parties and the guaranteed minimum number of hours the customer is willing to commit to. Commitments shall be subject to “go / no go” milestone biweekly or monthly progress reviews, whichever suits the customer.

A consulting contract may be terminated by the customer at any time; however payment for time spent shall be in accordance with the Sliding Scale Hourly Rate Table below. If working at your location - Lodging expenses shall be at costs or GSA Conus per diem schedule, whichever is lower. Air fare, automobile rental, parking, and meals shall be reimbursable at cost. Mileage shall be reimbursable at the current IRS allowed mileage rate.

 Working at my home office 

 Working at your location 

 Less than 40 hours per engagement

$120.00 / hour

$140.00 / hour

41 hours thru 159 hours per engagement

$100.00 / hour

$120.00 / hour

160 hours and up

Rates Negotiable

Rates Negotiable

Construction Means and Methods

Mr. PuckettI has worked in the construction industry for 44 years. Approximately 1/3 of that time has been in the field managing construction projects with 60% to 80% of the total field labor man-hours being self-performed by direct hire craft workers, both union and open shop.

15 years in the field building large municipal water and wastewater treatment plants and process piping intensive industrial plants has given Mr. Puckett the skill, knowledge and experience required to analyze your project's proposed or currently used construction means and methods and make recommendations if warranted.

Change Order Assistance

For all of the reasons enumerated under About Me on the Home page and discussed hereinabove in Construction Means and Methods, Mr. Puckett is qualified to help you recognize potential Change Orders, estimate the cost and schedule impact of said potential Change Orders, and help you prepare the Change Order Request and supporting documentation.